The Difference Between A Reporter And A Court Reporter

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The Difference Between A Reporter And A Court Reporter

Not everyone understands the difference between a court reporter and a regular reporter. There are many who probably never thought about it, or knew there was a difference. A court reporter is not a reporter who writes specifically about court cases. A court reporter is someone who sits in on courtroom, or legal proceedings, and listens to what is being said. They take what is being said and record it exactly as it is being said, into written word. Different from a regular reporter, there is no interpretation, or creativity, it is simply translating what is being said into written word.

The specialized training for a court reporter is different from a regular reporter as well. Court reporters use machines, similar to typewriter keyboards, to translate spoken words into written text. The certificaiton that is required can only be acquired through court reporting schools. They teach an indvidiual how to translate the spoken word, and how to use a court reporting machine.

There are many usa court reporing schools online. Not all of them are accredited court reporting schools, however, so it is important to know the difference before enrolling into one. Top court reporting schools online have an advantage over the traditional institution classroom setting because they can all be completed with the use of the internet, and your home computer. If you are looking for the best court reporting schools, the experts of can help compare court reporting schools to find the best one to get you started on a great career.

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