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University of Phoenix
The University of Phoenix is offering several degree programs in court reporting. These programs are nationally accredited and recognized as a prestigious education worldwide. The University is also involved in offering professional development programs for already working court reporting professionals.

Bryan University
Bryan University offers an Associate degree in Court Reporting. This program involves mainly online classrooms. The course work majorly includes the aspects like comprehensive preparation to excel the court reporting, closed captioning, deposition reporting, communication access real time translation and real time writing. Training to improve the transcription of legal forms, typing skills and deposition documents is part of the program.

Penn Foster Career School
Penn Foster online Court Reporting program helps the students to learn the Court reporting skills very quickly and comfortably. The program suggests self-guided and independent learning. The course offers training experience in Court Reporting as well as in real time reporting. The course also improves personal and written communication skills. This diploma program allows the student to work as stenocaptioner.

Kaplan University
The Kaplan University is offering wide variety of Criminal Justice programs such as AAS or BS in paralegal studies. These programs can make the student to prepare for the career of a court reporter. These degrees are flexible enough to allow you to carry out the course at any pace and provide a relevant background before stepping in for the desired career.

Virginia College
The colleges and schools in Virginia offer the courses on Court Reporting. The person who aspires for Court Reporting career has to spend his or her time for class room instructions as well as for practical classes in Virginia Colleges. Virginia schools and colleges offer the courses in this area for 2-year period, 4-years, vocational, technical and even single college courses.

Everest University
The Everest College at Las Vegas offers eight major courses which allow the student to gain several-month certificate or Associate degree in the field of study. Court reporting major is one of the eight majors offered by Everest College at Las Vegas. This course in the Everest College is provided with several-month certificate.

ITT Tech
The ITT tech institute at Indianapolis, Indiana is found to be offering online course. The ITT technical institute at 9511 Angola Court is known to offer course on Court reporting as an online course. ITT technical institutes are found to be offering degree courses related to criminal justice which once again are responsible for encouraging the court reporting.

DeVry University
Nearby the DeVry university is situated the Academy of Court Reporting. This program is offered as part of Academy of court reporting at Clawson in Michigan. DeVry University at Southfield in Michigan has probably influenced the business people as secretarial and court reporting services are initiated by the people of Southfield.

Ashford University
The online course work for Court reporting is available as Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree at Ashford University. A high quality degree program is offered by Ashford University which is affordable to the students. The university coursework is recognized by higher learning commission at North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Capella University
Capella University suits for the traditional adults and it is the university that regulates the schedule, helps in building the career and salutes the achievements of the student. The University mission is to provide high quality learning through the Bachelors’ Master’s and doctoral degree programs. The Court Reporter degree programs are also available at Associate level as well.

Post University
The curriculum at Post University is found to be innovative and it connects the career-focused education accompanied by the strong basis in the liberal arts. The University offers Bachelor’s degree in Criminal justice which aids in taking care of the issues regarding the Court Reporting. The degrees are offered by the University both as campus courses and online courses.


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