Online Court Reporting Schools Offer Convenience, Flexibility, and Low-Cost

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Online Court Reporting Schools Offer Convenience, Flexibility, and Low-Cost

Court Reporting is not a new profession; 1000s of years ago there were court reporters employed by Cicero. Throughout history court reporters have been sought out and well paid. Today, court reporters make an average of $45-$50,000 per year, with some compensation plans above $90,000.

There are many colleges that have certification programs and serve as court reporting schools, but there are also online court reporting colleges, which offer convenience and flexibility.

Court reporters not only work in courtrooms, they can also work in government agencies, or privately for corporations. Outside of the legal arena, freelancers are hired to cover conventions and other events. There is no shortage of job opportunities in fact it is quite the opposite. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Employment of court reporters is expected to grow by 14 percent from 2010 to 2020”.

What can be better than a high paying job that does not require a 4 year degree? A high paying job, for which a person can become certified from an online court reporting school, of course.
Court reporting schools offer different programs. They range from 6-month certificate programs to courses of study that can take from 2-4 years. The cost of attendance at an online school is significantly lower than that of a traditional college. The average cost to attend an online court reporting school ranges from $4,000-$6,000, while a traditional college can cost from $10-$25,000.

Besides money and time, there are other things to consider before making court reporting your career choice. This type of work requires someone that is highly detail oriented and organized, and that possesses excellent grammar and writing skills. Many positions working in this field can be stressful and may not be a good fit for some personalities. Due to these factors, it is a good idea to research the various capacities available before choosing a specific line of study. Working in a courtroom or government agency may prove to be quite difficult for someone with a low threshold for stress. On the other hand, working as a freelancer offers more comfort and freedom, as well as the option to seek out lower profile positions.

With the availability of fast and relatively inexpensive training and certification, along with a positive job availability outlook, the futures of court reporters across the country are looking promising.

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