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University of Phoenix
Earn your online court reporting certificate from the University of Phoenix. The University of Phoenix is a highly recognized accredited educational institution. Having both campus sites, and online degrees and certificates available, obtaining a career in court reporting is not only possible, but convenient. Able to earn your certificate online means that you can continue to work full-time while working toward your certificate. Training on how to transcribe speech into written form is the objective of this program. You will be able to assist in transcribing court hearings, depositions and other proceedings. Once obtained, you will have a highly sought after and specialized skill. Earn your degree and start building your career now.

Bryan University
If you are interested in earning a degree as a court reporter, look no further than Bryan University. Specializing in the training of court reporting, this highly accredited institution is available online for you to obtain your degree at your own pace, and on your own schedule. A court reporter is a person who is trained to transcribe spoken words into written form, working at court hearings, other official proceedings and depositions. A degree in court reporting will make you highly specialized, and highly sought after in a tough job market. The expense and time you put forth to obtain your degree will be nothing in comparison to the places that it will take your professionally.

Penn Foster Career School
If you are thinking about obtaining a degree as a court reporter, Penn Foster Career School is the perfect place to obtain your training. With courses available online you will be able to earn your degree on your own schedule, in your own time. A court reporter is trained to take the spoken word and transcribe it into written text. Specializing in depositions, court hearings and other official proceedings, it is a highly specific degree that will make you highly marketable in today’s workforce. Being affordable, as well, the time and expense of earning the degree with be nothing in comparison to the career path it will lead you on.


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